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1] Maharashtra State Handloom Co-operative Federation Ltd., Office No.: 105, 106 & 107, Damji Shamji Trade Center, 1st floor, Kirol Road, Opp. Bus Depot, Vidhyavihar (West), Mumbai - 400 086.

Email: mahatex1977@yahoo.com Website: www.mahatex.org.in

Maharashtra State Handloom Co-operative Federation Ltd., Mumbai is a State Level Apex institution of Handloom Weavers Co-operative Societies in Maharashtra State. It has been registered u/s. 9(1) of Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 bearing Registration No. BOM/GNL/DH/3 dated 06-01-1977.

2] Area of Operation :
The area of operation of this federation extends to entire Maharashtra. In accordance with the Resolution of the Board of Directors & with the special permission of the Director, Textiles, Govt. of Maharashtra, Nagpur the federation can open branches, sales depots, godowns etc. beyond its area of operation for conducting business.

production by bringing more & more handlooms under the Co-operative Sector; to bring variety & novelty in the products & make them more attractive & enhance their quality, to support & aid the sale of manufactured products. So also, to undertake other jobs consequential to the growth of the handloom business such as: a] To obtain raw materials, Cotton, Colours, Chemicals, Lustre, Jari etc. required by Handloom Weavers Co-operative Societies, by contacting the Cotton Mills, trade organizations & agents & to provide the same to the Co-operative Societies as per their needs. So also, to process the raw materials as per the requirements.

b] To study the Handloom Textiles Markets, gather information & provide it to the Co-operative Societies.

c] To get the saleable goods to be manufactured by the Co-operative Societies as per specifications, in order to increase large scale sale of handloom textiles; to purchase the goods manufactured by the Co-operative Societies & to arrange for its sale.

d] To conduct a research in order to improve the technique of production to handloom textiles; to establish & operate a manufacturing centre, to prepare new patterns & designs & to support & aid the co-operative societies engaged in this field.

e] To undertake processing works such as bleaching, calendaring, printing etc. on the textiles manufactured on handlooms in order to facilitate the sale of the handloom textile or to get these work done by the other organizations. Also to make ready made cloths from these handlooms made textiles or cause to be made by the other organizations.

f] To make profitable sales of the textiles manufactured by the allied Handloom Weavers’ Societies and to guide & help the Co-operative Societies for sales.

g] To open Sales depots in the State & outside the state to sell the handloom textiles, to export the handloom textiles, to provide textiles required by the Government or Semi Government Departments, to appoint the commission agents to sell the handloom textiles, to open temporary mobile stalls & so on.

h] To organize handloom exhibitions at different places from time to time in order to publicize the handloom textiles & to increase its sale, to take part in Expos & exhibitions & to publicize the handloom textiles.

i] To organize the conferences of the weavers societies from time to time to discuss the problems of the handloom weavers.

j] To undertake any other incidental works to promote the handloom business.

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